May 9



The m/m romance group on is sponsoring a free fiction event called “Love Has No Boundaries”.  Over 90 authors, some new and some well-known, are submitting stories for this event.  The stories will be available to group members throughout the month of June.   So far 60 stories have been turned in and they total almost a million words.

Here’s a sneak peek at some of the stories:

Historical- 32,000
some violence,
knights spies/secret agents, action suspense, adventure, explicit sex, first time, twinks, cross dressing, abduction/kidnapping, domestic abuse, friends to lovers, revenge, road trip, europe

Urban Fantasy- 34,600
husky shifters, family drama, humourous, sweet, men with children, fugly spiders

Fantasy- 39,500
dub-con, sorcerer, angels, demons, gods magic-users, soulmates or bonded, dubious consent, snarky banter

Paranormal- 40,600
fantasy, fae/fey/fairies, vampire, disabilities

Dystopia- 46,900
master/slave, bdsm, menage m/m/m, explicit sex, three some, cross dressing, bondage/discipline, acrobat, contortionist

Contemporary- 52,300
bdsm, bears, blue collar, fetsih-toys, grief

Fantasy- 103,800
History of past abuse, self harm
mage/sorcerer, first time, hurt/comfort, friends to lovers, magic users, ptsd

To get in on the free story flow, join the m/m romance group on goodreads.  It’s free to join and they have all kinds of snazzy challenges and events like this one.

I have a story coming out during this event called “The Lion and the Crow”.