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March 1
I’m very excited. This is my first true romantic suspense book. Here are some links:
My desktop post with images that inspired the story:
My book page with except and links to reviews:
I hope you enjoy it!

Valentine’s Day Free Short with Toby & Sean

February 11

I visiting RJ Scott’s blog today with a free Valentine’s Day short shorty featuring Toby and Sean from “Merry Christmas, Mr Miggles”. Click here or on the heart below to read.

Sunday Social with RJ Scott

January 30

I’m chatting with RJ live in this interview. We talk about several of my past books and series and the upcoming “Snowblind”.  CLICK HERE TO GO TO INTERVIEW.


Warning: “Lust in Darkness” is NOT my book

December 26

Someone put an ebook on Amazon called “Lust In Darkness” by Eli Easton. This is NOT my book. Just a head’s up. I’m trying to figure out what I can do about it.

Here’s the book, FYI.

Blog Tour: “Heartifact” by Aisling Mancy

December 3

 Join me in welcoming Ash to our blog today with his newest novella, Heartifact!


Net proceeds benefit the The Trevor Project in the US,

le Refuge in France, and Arcigay in Italy

Heartifact is available from

Men Over the Rainbow

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When I set out to pen a story, I look to include wholesomeness as often as possible. While it is partially because it represents an ideal—and what better way to achieve escapism and entertain ourselves than with the ideal—but because “goodness” is something most of us naturally identify with and strive for. The friendship that Harper and Stick share in Heartifact is based upon “goodness” and it shines through in a number of places in the story. I hope you enjoy reading Heartifact as much as I enjoyed writing it.



After being away, his kitchen seemed foreign to him, and dismay swept his mien when he remembered he might not have coffee in the freezer. He opened the door and riffled through the contents proudly displaying freezer burn. No coffee. He sighed and closed the door as his phone rang. He looked at the caller ID and was relieved to see it wasn’t Donny.

“Hey, Stick.”

“Welcome back, Harp! You up for grub?”

Stick, whose real name was Maggie, piloted remotely operated underwater vehicles, or ROVs. Hence the nickname “Stick.” He’d met her on his first internship dig and she’d quickly become his best friend. She was easy and comfortable, and could read his mind; she knew when he needed silence and when he needed to laugh. She was a woman without a vagenda, and occasionally made him wish he liked the opposite sex.

“Coffee,” he grunted.

“Grab your astrolabe and chart a course to that illusive island known as my car.”

“Can I wear a towel?”

“Sure. I’ll protect you.”

He smiled to himself as he terminated the call and went to get dressed.

“Whoa! You wear dark well!”

Harper snorted as he climbed into the convertible and kissed Stick’s cheek. “I see you managed to protect your lily-white ass from the sun.”

She shrugged as she put the car in gear and sped off without so much as a gander in her rearview mirror. “What can I say? I am the undersea drone you’re looking for.”

Thank Poseidon, she didn’t pilot ROVs the same way she drove a car. He imagined a fifteen-fish pile-up on the Bimini Road and suddenly chuckled to himself.



They rode in companionable silence until they reached John O’Groats on Pico Boulevard. Graced with a rare parking space in front of the place, she crammed the car against the curb at a slant.

“You may want to straighten it out.”

“You got something to say about my parking?” she demanded as she hopped out.

Harp couldn’t help but grin as he got out of the car. “Not a chance. I like my head on my shoulders.”

She put an arm around his waist and looked up at him, her green eyes bright in the morning sun. “Smart man.”

He put an arm around her shoulders and guided her inside. The wait for a table was almost an hour and they opted to sit at the counter. Harper perused the menu and decided on Huevos O’Groats. Three months of Aussie Vegemite had nearly killed him.

They ordered food and Stick handed the menus to the waiter. “How was it?”

“I didn’t think I could detest sediment more than I already did.”

She grinned. “Do you know something I don’t know? I mean, how do you propose to avoid it in this line of work?”

“They’re destroying the reef, Stick,” he said in disgust.

She winced. “I couldn’t imagine being part of that.”

Harper sighed. “Donny showed up this morning.”

She rolled her eyes. “I ignored him while you were gone. Couldn’t take the whining.”

“I slammed the door in his face in favor of reconciliation with my plastic.”

She smirked. “Drum and I split.”

Harper couldn’t help it. His jaw hung agape. They’d had a near-perfect marriage for eight years.

“Yeah,” she said softly. “It was time.”


She met his even gaze. “He’s been screwing everything above sea level. Can’t handle me being away.”

“I’m sorry, Stick. Are you going to be okay?”

“I don’t know.”

He’d never seen her forlorn and it tore at his heart. He put an arm around her and gave her a hug. She buried her face against his shoulder for a moment before withdrawing and pulling herself together. “Fucker.”

“Motherfucker,” he agreed.


“Motherfucking asshole.”

She suddenly smiled. “I knew you’d understand.”


Thanks for having me on your blog, Eli! Go read Heartifact! It’s a great book. Besides, you can enter to win a $25 Amazon gift card and two signed books from me!






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About Heartifact

Harper Kidd is a highly respected marine archaeologist. Yet, with the economy in a slump, he’s trapped working in an oil company’s exploration division. Now, at the ripe age of thirty, Harp is disgusted with his employer’s damage to the undersea world he loves, tired of his ATM-card-filching ex, and tormented by beautiful dreams of an undersea lover. It’s time for a change and when his best friend, Stick, pleads with him to assist on a deep-sea dig in the Mediterranean, he jumps at the chance.

Harper’s spirits are high when they discover the ruins of an ancient civilization, and soar to the heavens when they discover a statue of an ancient pelora, a mysterious hybrid creature said to mediate between the worlds of reality and fantasy—and the very lover who holds the starring role in his dreams.

When the crew discovers the site is teeming with unexploded ordnance from the conflicts in the Middle East, and the excavation turns deadly, Harper must choose between saving his best friend and saving the pelora he’s fallen in love with.


Heartifact is available from Men Over the Rainbow

AmazonAmazon UKAll Romance eBooks, Barnes & NobleSmashwords

Read an excerpt on Love Bytes Reviews!

en français


About Aisling Mancy

Ash is an author who lives, most of the time, on the West Coast of the United States. Ash writes mystery thrillers, fantasy, science fiction, romance, and fiction for gay young adults as C. Kennedy.

Raised on the mean streets and back lots of Hollywood by a Yoda-look-alike grandfather, Ash doesn’t conform, doesn’t fit in, is epic awkward, and lives to perfect a deep-seated oppositional defiance disorder. In a constant state of fascination with the trivial, Ash contemplates such weighty questions as If time and space are curved, then where do all the straight people come from? When not writing, Ash can be found taming waves on western shores, pondering the nutritional value of sunsets, appreciating the much-maligned dandelion, unhooking guide ropes from stanchions, and marveling at all things ordinary. Ash does respond to emails because, after all, it is all about you, the reader.


Find Ash on blog, Twitter @AislingMancy, Facebook, Google+,

Goodreads, Booklikes, Dreamspinner Press Author Page, and Amazon!


Eli Interviews Audiobook Narrator Tristan Wright

November 23

Today I’m guest posting on Gay Book Reviews and I interview Tristan Wright, audiobook narrator for “Merry Christmas, Mr. Miggles”, “Unwrapping Hank”, “Superhero” and many other grea audiobooks. There’ a giveaway too!


This is part of the blog tour for “Merry Christmas, Mr. Miggles”.


Desktop: How to Wish Upon a Star

May 12

May 12 2016 is the release day for “How to Wish Upon a Star”, the third book in my “Howl at the Moon” series of paranormal romances featuring… dog shifters! Yes, dog shifters. And God, I love them to death! I can’t imagine ever not wanting to return to Mad Creek and see what’s going on with the pack there.


Here’s the blurb for “How to Wish Upon a Star”:

Dr. Jason Kunik is working on the most earth-shattering genetics project ever, DNA mapping of a new species, the quickened—dogs who can shift into human form.  The problem is, no one knows the quickened exist and Jason can’t betray them by publishing his studies. When he moves to Mad Creek to continue his research in a town full of quickened, all he wants is peace, quiet, and to be allowed to bury himself in his work.  Perhaps if he figures how out the mutation is activated, he can silence his own inner dog forever.

Milo is a hospice comfort dog who has bonded with, and lost, many beloved patients in his life. He intuitively understands sickness and pain on a spiritual level most can’t see. When he gains the ability to become a man, he thinks he finally has everything he ever wanted. But being a man isn’t the same thing as being loved, and taking shelter in Mad Creek isn’t the same thing as finding a home.

When a mysterious illness hits Mad Creek and threatens all the quickened in town, it’s up to the scientist and the comfort dog to figure out what it is and how to stop it. Along the way they might discover that true love is possible—if you wish upon a star.

OK, so let’s get down to this book’s desktop, shall we?

Here are the image that inspired me while I was writing the book. [Note, these image are off the web–I don’t own them, nor were they used in the actual book.]

Milo — Milo only recently gained the ability to change from a dog into a man, so he is very much new to this whole human business. As a dog, Milo was a comfort dog in a hospice. He spent time with, and gave unconditional love to, the dying patients and their families. Milo is a labradoodle. Here he is in his dog and human form. I imagine that in his human form he looks something like model Anthon Wellsjo.

Milo Milo human

Milo was inspired by real life therapy dogs like Baxter (from this book) and JJ (JJ’s facebook page). Here are a couple of photos of them doing their amazing jobs.

baxer2 baxter1 jj-hospice-therapy-dog


Dr. Jason Kunik — Jason was born a quickened descended from Alaskan Malamutes. Incredibly intelligent, he got his PhD and is now a geneticist fascinated by this ‘new species’ the quickened or, as he calls them, canis sapiens. His description in the book says that he doesn’t look like any one human ‘race’. His skin, hair and eye shape look Asian, but his irises are pale blue (like the ones on the dog photo below), and he has a heavier, Slavic build.

So first, here’s Jason as a dog. The dark parts of his fur would be fully back, but I love the shot of this dog and he so reminds me of Jason.


Now for his human form–I think he might look something like actor Daniel Henney but with pale blue eyes and a bit beefier in the chest and arms.

Daniel Henney -1 Daniel Henney3 Daniel Henney2

Tim and Lance (from “How to Howl at the Moon”) and Roman and Matt (from “How to Walk Like a Man”), all appear in “How to Wish Upon a Star”. Here they are from previous desktop posts.

Tim Weston aka Tim Beaufort


Sheriff Lance Beaufort

110596 belgian-sheepdog

Roman Charsguard

Human and dog form of Roman, our ex-military service dog and now town deputy.



Matt Barclay

Matt, Roman’s partner, is ex-SWAT and ex-military, current forest ranger, and forever class clown.

Ryan Reynolds

Baby Molly Beaufort

Molly is a brand new addition to Mad Creek. With tons of black hair and vivid blue eyes, Molly looks just like a baby quickened (which is good, because she is one)!


Mad Creek

Here are some pictures I shared in the past as inspirations for Mad Creek, the town where the “Howl at the Moon” series is set. I lived for several years in Oakhurst, CA, which is up in the mountains from Fresno and on the way to Yosemite. Mad Creek is hypothetically much “farther up” in the mountains, but the town size, and general setting, was based on Oakhurst.

oakhurst-california oakhurst2 oakhurst

CASP-1 Virus

This is actually SARS below, but it inspired the look of the CASP-1 virus.

SARS like virus

Rav Miller

The founder of the Hold My Paw dog shelter, where our intrepid heroes from Mad Creek visit.


Hold My Paw Shelter in Arizona

In the book, Jason, Milo, Tim, and Matt travel to Arizona to visit a non-profit animal shelter (for plotty reasons). The pictures below inspired the setting. This is actually a shelter called Desert Haven and it’s in New Mexico.

Ye Mutt Hut sm in_front_of_Desert_Haven.133135752_std DH_Garden

While in Arizona, Milo does some tracking in the desert. He come across an old mining operation like the one below.

neck springs trail water-trough


That’s it for this desktop. I hope you enjoy the new story. You can read an excerpt and find purchase links on my page for How to Wish Upon a Star.


“The Stolen Suitor” review on Boy Meets Boy

February 22

If you’re wondering what “The Stolen Suitor” is like, check out the lovely review from Boy Meets Boy.

Click here or below.

Stolen Suitor_br


Desktop: The Stolen Suitor

February 1


Today, Feb 1 2016, is the release day for “The Stolen Suitor”, a contemporary romance novel in the Dreamspun Desires line. Dreamspun Desires is a line of unrelated short novels that are all category romance (think the old Harlequin labels) but done as m/m. Very tropey, fun, short romances!

“The Stolen Suitor” is set in the same universe as my Christmas novella “A Prairie Dog’s Love Song”.  Clyde’s Corner, Montana is small town USA with a Western/ranch/folksy feel.  The story is light-hearted, humorous, and, hopefully, hot!  Both Prairie Dog and Stolen Suitor were inspired by Pamela Morsi’s “Marrying Stone” series of folksy romance.

So what is “The Stolen Suitor” about?

The story begins when Mabeline Crassen (Mabe) makes a plan. Mabe and her two sons live in a trailer home on the wrong side of the tracks in Clyde’s Corner, Montana. They’ve been looked down upon ever since Mabe’s husband, Frank, landed himself in jail years ago. The name ‘Crassen’ has had a bad rap ever since. But Mabe is determined to help her two sons achieve better place in the world. We have….

Jeremy Crassen — Jeremy is a shy dreamer who works in the back of Nora’s diner as the short-order cook and spends the rest of his time scribbling store is in his notebooks. He grew up hiding behind his long auburn bangs. Pretty much everyone dismisses Jeremy if they notice him at all. (The photo below is stock. He’s a bit too ‘built’ for slender Jeremy, but his face and hair are perfect.)


Eric Crassen — Whereas Jeremy turned inward after his father’s arrest, his older brother Eric decided that if he were to be labelled bad, he’d be as bad as they come. Known in three counties as a good-looking, womanizing, partying, n’ere-do-well, Eric never rouses himself to do much of anything useful until Mabe’s plan pushes him to. (The dimple-chinned photo below was as close to Eric as I can find. It’s Tom Brady of the New England Patriots).

New England Patriots' Tom Brady answers a question during media day for NFL Super Bowl XLIX football game Tuesday, Jan. 27, 2015, in Phoenix. (AP Photo/Mark Humphrey) ORG XMIT: NFL108

Mabe’s plan is simple:  The young widow, Trix Stubben, owns the best ranch in town. An ex-beauty queen, all around excellent horse-woman, hard-worker, and mother to young Janie, Trix is the ideal woman to set Eric on the path to domestic responsibility at last. (The below photo of ‘Trix’ is stock.) Mabe doesn’t even know that Eric and Trix were middle school sweethearts years ago, until Frank Crassen’s arrest drove Eric to embrace his inner devil.


Mabe pushes Eric to go work for Trix’s ranch and win her heart. After all, he’s good-looking enough to turn Trixie’s head, and he can charm the skin off a snake. There’s just one small problem….

Chris Ramsey:  Unfortunately, Trix already has a beau, Chris. His dad owns the town’s mercantile and he’s therefore ‘rich’ and also went away to Denver for a few years and has a top notch education. He’s clearly a much better catch than Eric, but Mabe thinks there may be a crack in that rosy picture. Chris has always been known as the local dandy, being teased for his fussiness with fashion and his looks even in high school. Mabe is pretty sure Chris plays for the pink team, and his courtship of Trix has no more depth than a puddle. Chris was Trixie’s dead husband’s best friend. Could he be courting Trix out of a sense of duty? She sets her younger son, Jeremy, to lure Chris’s attention away from Trix so Eric can steal her away.


If you think that sounds like a plan that’s bound to cause any number of misunderstandings and complications, you’d be right. (I’ll give you a hint–it works out in the end.)

Here are a few images of the setting, Clyde’s Corner, Montana (which is fictional).

townsend montana



And here are a few key places in the story:


Above: The river bank where Jeremy and Chris go fishing (among other things)


Above: The bridge where the dramatic ending takes place

Joshua and Ben from “A Prairie Dog’s Love Song” are also in the book quite a bit because Chris, Jeremy, and Eric all end up taking riding lessons on their ranch. It was wonderful to write more scenes with these characters! I adore them.

from mandy

And finally, the theme of the story is that sometimes what we think we want in life is not what will truly make us happy. Inspired by the Joseph Campbell quote below.


That’s it for this desktop. I hope you enjoy the story. You can read an excerpt and find purchase links on my page for The Stolen Suitor.





New Year Post on RJ Scott’s blog – GIVEAWAY

January 5

Visit with me on RJ Scott’s blog. I’m sharing what my writing plans are for 2016 and there’s a giveaway!