June 1

Blog Reviews and Blog Posts for my stories:

“Best of 2014” Lists & Awards:

Joyfully Jay — The Mating of Michael

My Fiction Nook — The Mating of Michael

Rainbow Awards — The Mating of Michael gets 1st place in Gay Contemporary Romance and 2nd in Best Gay Book (overall)

M/M Romance Group on Goodreads 2014 Awards — The Mating of Michael (Best Sex Industry — #1, Best Medical/Rescue Works Prof — #2, Best Hurt/Comfort — #1)

M/M Romance Group on Goodreads 2014 Awards — Blame it on the Mistletoe (Best Gay/Out for You — #3, Best Coming of Age — #3, Best Friends to Lovers — #3, Best Humorous — #2)

“Best Of 2013” Lists:

Goodreads m/m romance group — Best Young Adult book of 2013 (3rd place) — Superhero

The Novel Approach – Superhero, The Lion and the Crow, The Trouble with Tony, Blame it on the Mistletoe

Hearts On Fire — Superhero

A Bear on Books — Superhero

The Blue Rose –– Puzzle Me This

2015 Awards

Goodreads M/M romance group, 3rd place Best Humororous Romance – How to Howl at the Moon

Goodreads M/M romance group, 2nd place Best Paranormal Romance – How to Howl at the Moon

The Stolen Suitor

Bike Book Reviews (5 ‘irony’ sticker rating) — “Oh what a tangled (but very entertaining) web we weave…. this book is a non stop read from cover to cover! You just have to read one more chapter to see what happens, and you just have to do this over and over until you are done!”

Rainbow Book Reviews — “From the opening scene that had me laugh out loud at Mabe Crassen’s crafty scheming, to Jeremy’s endearing attempts to be “slick and sophisticated” so he can trap Chris, to Chris’s determination to do “the right thing” – or what he perceived to be right – it quickly became clear to me that all these people had a thing or two to learn. And I had a front-row seat!”

Boy Meets Boy Reviews (5 stars) – “I was laughing and crying and felt frustration, loss and helplessness, as well as hope and determination, and it was all wrapped up in a sweet Eli Easton story. Win!!”

“How to Walk Like a Man” (Howl at the Moon #2)

5+ — four different reviews and gorgeous fan art on Gay Book Reviews!  ‘This was such a sweet, delightful read! It has military men, virgins, humor, sex, drama, excitement and passion. And dogs! DOGS! So many bonus points for the dogs.” “It was all beautifully done! This was as close to perfect as you can get and still be on an earthly plane. Bravo, Eli Easton! Bravo!”

6 out of 5 stars from Open Skye Book Reviews — “I can’t express just how entertaining this book is. The dogisms are hysterical, Roman is an absolute sweetheart and the love story is so very sweet. I can’t recommend this and the entire series enough.”

4.5 stars from Dani at My Fiction Nook — “I loved this story though. It was charming and heartfelt. Roman is my favorite! He loves like a dog and Walks like a Man, and deserves the best HEA in the world.”

4.5 stars from Joyfully Jay — “I really like these characters and this town and hope we are getting more of them. I would definitely highly recommend both books in the series, especially to fans of more unusual shifter stories.”

4.5 stars from Sinfully MM Book Reviews — “I have to state that I don’t think I have read a book where I have loved a character more than I loved Roman.”

“How to Howl at the Moon” (Howl at the Moon #1)

5+ stars Reviewsbyjessewave.com — “This is one I can HIGHLY recommend for it’s emotion, originality and kick ass romance. You’re gonna get the ooey, gooey, puddle of mush feeling.”

5 stars Reviewsbyjessewave (for the audio book) — “Matthew Shaw is a new narrator, but don’t let that make you hesitate before picking this up – he was absolutely fantastic. Eli Easton has created a not-so-typical shifter story that’s sweet, funny, hot…and just emotional enough.”

B+ Review Gaylist – A fantastic shifter story full of love and sweetness that had me hooked from the first pages.”

5 stars Sinfully Sexy Book Reviews – “All I can say is WOOF!!! If I had a tail it would be wagging like mad right now just because this book made me feel all warm and yappy…oops I mean happy.”

Guest Post: Interview with Audiobook Narrator Michael Shaw on Scattered Thoughts And Rogue Words.

4.5 stars for the audiobook Scattered Thoughts And Rogue Words — “I loved the dialogue, I found myself laughing so much and was never bored.

4.5 stars MM Good Book Reviews — “This book was so hilarious, exactly what I’ve come to expect from Eli Easton.”

5 stars The Novel Approach — “It will capture your attention and hold it firmly until the last page, although you will probably smile at random memories for a few days after you have read it, because that is another skill that this author has – her words stay with you.”

6/5 hearts The Kimichan Experience — “You know that since it’s Eli Easton, the writing is impeccable. The sex is hot. The emotion is deep and abiding. And the humor is sharp and witty.”

4.5 stars Joyfully Jay — “How to Howl at the Moon just blew me away with the clever premise and the really fascinating world building.”

Agony Tate review — “It’s been a very long time since I’ve read something so light hearted and good natured as this book.”

Rainbow Book Reviews —  “I love the idea of a new and different shifter world, but as soon as I started reading and got a feel for the great sense of humor on top of wonderful characters and some truly inventive shifter dynamics, I was hooked.”

4.5 stars Love Bytes Reviews — “What a delightful, refreshing story.”

6/5 Hearts Kimichan Experience (AUDIO BOOK REVIEW) — “[Matthew Shaw’s] voice is rich and flowing, with the right amount of emotion and “acting”.  I really enjoyed listening to this story and will be listening to it again and again!”


“The Lion and the Crow” — Expanded Edition (Jan 2015)

5 stars MM Good Book Review (for 2nd expanded edition) — “…the journey William and Christian take together, with the sexual tension hanging between, them is great because we do see these characters change.

The Novel Approach (for 2nd expanded edition):  “She [Eli Easton] paints a beautiful love story and presents an interesting and intelligent duo that fights all odds to remain together to the very end.”


“Unwrapping Hank”

5 stars The Novel Approach — “Damn, this was a fun read.”

5 stars Sinfully Sexy Book Reviews — “Queen of the sexual tension, she makes us wait for the love scenes but it’s only when you look back that you realise that she’s done that, because the on page electricity and constant awareness of each other that she creates, means you don’t miss them. When the sex arrives it’s always hot and deliciously satisfying and in my opinion all the more sizzling for the delay….”

Rainbow Book Reviews — “…if you’re looking for a fascinating, emotional, and wonderfully funny read that is as well-paced as it is entertaining, then you will probably like this novella.”

5 stars Multitakingmomma — “Unwrapping Hank is a Christmas novella that is highly entertaining, sweetly romantic, and bulldogishly irresistible. This is one story that is hard to put down once started and harder still when it ends.”

4.5 stars My Fiction Nook — “Really, the entire story was FUNNY, so very funny…. And the cuddles in that barn could have burned the place down, baby! ”

4.5 stars Prism Book Alliance — “This is literary comfort food for the soul.”

4.75 stars Joyfully Jay — “Easton masters effective and persuasive writing, her style natural and smooth. Dialogue is realistic, the story doesn’t linger inside people’s heads for too long, and the narrative grabs you until you find yourself turning pages, unwilling to stop until the very last line.”

B+ Gay List Book Reviews — “A wonderful coming out story full of love, family, hot college guys, frat life, brotherhood, humor, friendship and first love that should be enjoyed anytime of the year.”

6/5 stars RJ Scott’s blog — “I love Eli Easton’s books and this one is just the right book to sit with the Christmas tree and lose yourself in a funny, endearing, happy, loving and it left me smiling like an idiot.”

5 stars The Blogger Girls — “I really, really recommend this book. I just adored it.”

5 stars Kindle Romance Reviews — “The characters were extremely well-developed, and the story had so many wonderful layers to it.”

5 Stars Hit or Miss Books — “This was one of the fluffiest, ‘awww-worthy’ and excessively Christmassy well-plotted short story I have read so far for the holidays.”

5 stars Swept Away By Romance — “The characters were extremely well-developed, and the story had so many wonderful layers to it.”

Dear Author review — “Dear Eli Easton, my friend Raine recommended this holiday novella few weeks ago and I’ve already reread it three or four times…”

4.5 stars Love Bytes Reviews — “If you want to read great finding love story during Christmas time I would recommend you reading Unwrapping Hank.”

4 stars Time of My Life (for Italian version Scartando Hank) — “It has something unique and unforgettable, though to be precise, it was mainly the style of Easton. It is ironic , funny , with quirky characters and original that it is impossible not to love.”

4 stars  Romanticamente Fantasy (for Italian version Scartando Hank) —  “Recommended especially for those who are new to the genre m / m: smooth and well written, it reads in a flash not because it is short, but it is involving, thanks to irony and sober tones, especially in the sex scenes.”

“bones” (gothika #2)

4 stars My Fiction Nook — “Lyrical, unsettling, provocative, passionate, with a brilliant, slightly ambiguous epilogue, The Bird is about the guilt and shame we bury within us, and about the letting go.”

4.5stars Love Bytes Reviews — “All [stories] were well written, creative, and enjoyable. Makes me want to go read the first book!”

5 stars for ‘The Bird” in “bones” from Crystal’s — “This story garbed me right from the beginning, and I didn’t stop reading until it was done.”

4.5 stars from The Kimi-Chan Experience — “The writing is very dark and evocative and quite unlike the previous books/stories I’ve read by Eli Easton. She always produces an amazing story and this is no different.”

Rainbow Book Reviews — “I liked this story, and the mysticism really grabbed, and held, my attention.”

A+ for “The Bird” in “bones” from The Book Pushers — “This story was definitely my favourite of the collection. I never wished so hard to see a chicken live in my life!”

4 stars The Novel Approach — “I really enjoyed many aspects of this short story.”


“The Mating of Michael” (Sex in Seattle #3)

5* The Kimi-Chan Experience — “I highly recommend this book, 6 out of 5 hearts… or 7… well, you get the idea. Buy this book!”

5 * from RJ Scott — “I adored the science fiction story woven into the story which made me well up on several occasions. Love the misunderstandings, and the resolution, and the secondary characters, and the final sentence. I just loved it all. It was a stunning and beautiful book.”

5 * from Sinfully Sexy Book Reviews — “Fantastic supporting characters, thought provoking situations, gorgeous love scenes and lots of heartfelt emotion….I could gush all day about what I loved about this book but obviously the best thing to do is for me to shut up now so you can all rush off to pick up your own copy”

5 * from My Fiction Nook (Heather) — “Hot, sexy, and emotional…. DAMN, Eli Easton just NAILED this one and she nailed it HARD!!”

 4.5 * from My Fiction Nook (Dani) — “thought provoking, emotional, lyrical, brave”

4.5 * from Boys in our Books — “This book is the perfect balance of strong/memorable characters, an emotional story arc, some deep development with both MC’s, a clever inclusion of a book within a book…and all the FEELZ all over the place.”

5 stars Head Out of the Oven blog — “I honestly feel that this was the most sensitive of all the books and probably the best written of the lot. I may even go further to state that after reading all of Ms Easton’s works, this is probably her best written.”

4.25 stars Prism Book Alliance — “I really like this unique story – it’s the first M/M romance that I’ve read featuring a sex surrogate, and I found this aspect to be enlightening – and I recommend you read it.”

5 stars Love Bytes Reviews — “The writing was great, the characters perfectly flawed, it alternated from gentle to hard, and sad to happy.”

5 stars Kimichan Experience Book Reviews — “The story just plucks at every darn heart string and leaves you with a huge smile on your face, after you’ve gotten done crying, of course.”

5 stars Swept Away By Romance — “I couldn’t put this story down. The characters were richly developed, and the story was well thought out and enjoyable.”

A Rating from Christi Snow at Smitten With Reading — “This is such a sweet book and incredible romance. I loved reading it and watching these two guys connect. It was truly beautiful.”

5 stars Rainbow Book Reviews — ” ‘The Mating of Michael’ is definitely the most serious of the three stories, but, in my opinion, it also holds the most heart. This is truly one of the gentlest of love stories and one that I cried over.”

4.75 stars Joyfully Jay — “This story is warm and sweet, with great characters who have really fascinating backstories. I was totally drawn into this story and enjoyed it so much.”

4.5 stars from Two Chicks Obsessed — “As I read the blurb, I had no idea how Eli Easton would be able to take the story of a sex surrogate, one who obviously loves his job, give him an HEA, and one that was believable for the readers. Well, magic happened, and I am a believer.”

5 stars from Crystal’s Many Reviews –– “The Mating of Michael – an intensely wonderful, fantastic, mind-boggling, stick-your-butt-to-the-seat-because-you-can’t-stop-reading novel.”


“Heaven Can’t Wait” (novella)

4.75 stars from The Kimi-Chan Experience — “I LOVED Eli’s version of heaven/evolution/explanation of Gay… fantastic. This was a super fast read, but well worth it. I’m sure it will be re-read many times.”

5 stars Prism Book Alliance — “Don’t miss reading this endearing story. It’s a real treat!”

 5 stars Sinfully Sexy Book Reviews — “…tangible chemistry going on, a nice touch of slow burning sexual tension and a lovely, sweet romance building up throughout the book that all mixed together culminates into a very enjoyable and satisfying little supernatural love story.”

4.5 stars Boys in Our Books — “Heaven is a quick and easy read I recommend for, well, everybody. Pick it up ASAP, but be sure to put on your favorite swingy, swishy dress for your Maria von Trapp solo dance.”

4.5 stars from Bloggergirls — “If you’re looking for something that’ll simultaneously touch you and make you smile, give this one a try because it definitely affected me! I loved it!”

4.5 stars from The Novel Approach — “packed with everything a good story should be; romance, realisation, moral, convincing dialogue, perfect shared narratives”

Rainbow Book Reviews — “This was distinctly entertaining and should not be missed!”

4.75 stars from Kimichan Experience Book Reviews — “This was a super fast read, but well worth it. I’m sure it will be re-read many times.”

5 stars from Fallen Angel Reviews — “This is one story that shouldn’t be missed!”

4.25 stars from Joyfully Jay — “It’s a sweet and funny story with a side [of] hope and silliness.”


“The Enlightenment of Daniel” (Sex in Seattle #2)

Desktop post with images that inspired this book and more info on the story.

A list — Gay List Book Reviews — “…book will get you with it’s humor, fun and sweetness.  You will be reading along and be having a great time and then it will grab you by the heart and it will keep becoming more and more. ”

5 stars The Romance Reviews — “A love story between friends with true complications in their lives that was both touching and beautifully written.”

4.25 stars from Hearts On Fire — “If you like best friends to lovers, second chances or actually in this case maybe it was a first chance at love, some pretty cool kids, a man discovering his sexuality and his priorities in life and an absolutely awesome happy sweet perfect sigh worthy epilogue for everyone, this might be the book for you.”

5 stars multitaskingmomma blog — “I like reading a book where once I reached the end I just felt good, satisfied, happy and giggly all over. ”

5 stars RJ Scott’s blog — “Beautiful. A must read. I read this in one sitting and could not put it down.”

Rainbow Book Reviews — “This was a wonderful addition to the series and even though it’s more dramatic than the first book, it’s well worth the read. I highly recommend the entire series.”

4 stars The Book Vixen — “This is an enjoyable read with great leads, strong romance and a believable ending.”

4.25 stars Pants Off Reviews — “Eli Easton was a great discovery and I was looking forward to this new book of hers and I was not disappointed!”

 4.5 kisses from Top 2 Bottom Reviews — “If you like your friends-to-lovers romance realistic, sensual and poignant, you’ll love this.”

4.5 stars The Novel Approach — “Eli Easton has a brand of humor all her own and never fails to add a touch of hilarity even when writing about the most serious subject matters.”

5 stars Kindle Romance Reviews — “A love story between friends with true complications in their lives that was both touching and beautifully written.”

4 stars Prism Book Alliance — “It is a bit more serious than many Eli Easton fans will be used to, but she does an admirable job with Daniel and Nick’s story. ”

5 stars Paddylast Inc — “There’s something really beautiful about a book that makes you root for its main characters with intensity.”

5 stars Crystal’s Many Reviews — “A Definite 5 stars and I can hardly wait to jump into the third in the series, The Mating of Michael.”

4.5 stars It’s About the Book Blog — (FOR AUDIO BOOK) “A satisfying read on every level with a great HEA. Highly recommended as a read and on audio.”

“Stitch”: anthology with 4 gothic m/m romance novellas

A listing from Gay List Book Reviews — “These stories are all darkly beautiful. They won’t be for everyone. But for those who choose to enter these worlds you are in for a treat. I found them each compelling in their own way.”

5 stars from Bachelors and Bombshells — “I have a feeling that at the end of the year – with hundreds of books read and thousands of characters met – this will still be one of my favourites of 2014.”

4 stars Boys in Our Books — “Reading this collection felt like my birthday on rewind, with each story as a new little gift for me. Weee! And the theme—gothika—I loved it to the moon and back.”

4.5 stars Prism Book Alliance – “Four fantastic tales about forging Mr. Right.”

4.5 stars Joyfully Joy — “The sheer diversity of these stories made for a delightful read.  I really enjoyed it, and can absolutely recommend Stitch.”

 4.5 stars Boy Meets Boy Reviews — (5 stars for Reparation) — “A totally unique and moodily atmospheric tale of friends to lovers that was sad, hopeful and sexy all at the same time and I loved it.”

Rainbow Book Reviews — “I’m a true fan of science fiction and of Eli Easton, so I was not surprised, in the least, that she delivered such an incredible addition to this anthology.”

4.5 stars for “Reparation” in “stitch” from My Fiction Nook — “The setting and world-building are fairly complex for such a short read, the chemistry between Edward and Knox SIZZLING (hot, urgent sex included!), and the story immensely satisfying.”


“Blame It On The Mistletoe”, Christmas novella

Favolas de Mezzanotte review of the audio book — “I will listen to it many more times, even in the heat of summer. Thank you Eli Easton for creating this lovable boys and thank you Jason Frazier for bringing them to life.”

5 stars — Review of Audiobook by The Blogger Girls — “As if the book itself wasn’t enough awesomeness, Jason Frazier kicks ass as the narrator.  …  I am bowled over by how fabulous a job he did.  I swear he is Mick.”

Author RJ Scott reviews, 5 stars — “Perfect Christmas Read. I loved both characters so much.”

Hearts Of Fire “Mistletoe” interview with Eli and giveaway

5 stars Live Laugh Love Books —  “Geek + Jock + GFY! It’s an M/M trifecta and I absolutely loved it!!”

4.5 stars Hearts On Fire (from Lucy) — “I am a sucker for holiday stories, especially ones that give me the warm and fuzzies.  This one did it.”

4 stars Hearts on Fire (from Mandy) — “This is definitely a great holiday read, it’s like a cup of hot chocolate with humor, cuteness and sweetness to warm me up on a cold winters night and a dash of romance as a marshmallow on top.”

5 stars Head Out Of The Oven blog — “I got hooked on the story and could not keep that goofy smile off my face. So for those out there who want to read something lighthearted for once and have great fun doing it, Blame It On The Mistletoe is the perfect book. Loved it!”

5 stars The Novel Approach — “I could see and feel every second of that fateful kiss and everything that happened afterwards, right up to the HEA.”

5 stars The Risque Redhead Reads — “You go to work and when your boss asks how your four day holiday weekend was you open your Nook and show her this cover and tell her you read the BEST, the CUTEST, the SWEETEST, the most ADORABLE story and if you can stop giggling and get the damn “It’s Cheese!” grin off your face you tell, no insist that she read this book…NOW!!!”

B+ Gaylist — “This is a wonderful little gem of a holiday story. I enjoyed every moment I got to spend with these beautiful boys.”

A rating Smitten With Reading — “When things step up, they get hot pretty quickly. I liked how the heat factor immediately exploded when the two kissed. It wasn’t a slow build-up…it was spontaneous combustion”

5 stars Brandilyn Reviews Books — “She [Eli Easton] writes incredibly adorable, dorky, lovable characters and does so with sensitivity and humor.”

 4.5 stars Live Your Life Buy The Book — “Ohmigod!! That was so sweet! Such a wonderful Christmas read.”

4.5 stars  boy meets boy reviews — “It is cute and lovely and hot at the same time. It is Christmassy and snowy and just perfect.”

5 stars foxylutely blog — “A wonderful short story and I really, really want some more of Fielding and Mick. One of the best character pairings I have ever read. Brilliant!”

4.5 Stars Mrs. Condit and Friends — “The genuine fondness, admiration, and eventually love that these two feel for each other really jump off the page. I was hooked from beginning to end”


“A Prairie Dog’s Love Song”, Christmas novella

A Prairie Dog’s Love Song Desktop — my post on the images that inspired this story.

5 stars Rainbow Book Reviews — “Loved this story! It was everything I had hoped it would be and more.”

5 stars The Novel Approach — “This is a very lovely short story that you won’t want to miss.”

4 stars On Top Down Under — “This is a very sweet offering from Eli Easton. There are some salt-of-the-earth characters in A Prairie Dog’s Love Song and some lovely dialogue in a country-minimalist, down-home kind of way.”

4 stars The Blog of Sid Love — “A lovely cowboy story, a nice read that will keep you interested and wanting to read more.”

4 stars Mrs. Condit Reads — “It is a true romantic tale with just enough angst and steam to make it sigh worthy, so when you finish, you just sigh contentedly.”

4 stars Live Your Live Buy The Book —  “This is a sweet feel good, cowboy Christmas story.”

4 gingerbread men from Prism Book Alliance —  “This was another fab holiday treat.”

4.75 stars BloggerGirls on the audiobook version — “Eli Easton, one of my top three all-time favorite authors, does another amazing job of packing a whole lot of story into a small package. ”

5 stars Crystal’s Many Reviews — “I LOVED this story. It had humor, romance, two wonderful cowboys, quirky sidekicks, cowboys, Stetsons, cowboys, townies who bring up the historical accuracy of homosexuality among cowboys,  horses, oh, and did I mention cowboys?”


“Puzzle Me This”, contemporary novella

5 stars from R.J. Scott — “This story is a hundred kinds of awesome.”

“A List” on Gaylisted — “Fun, sweet, charming, funny and cute.”

4 stars Hearts On Fire — “I really enjoyed this short, the ending was sweet and romantic”

4.5 stars Live Your Life By The Book — “It is a sweet story with sexy moments, humor and a “hand me a tissue” ending. I thoroughly enjoyed it.”

4 stars mmgoodbookreivews — “I recommend this to those who love relationships with their ups and downs, sweet loving, great characters, sorting through feelings and a really cute ending.”

4 stars The Novel Approach — “…the thing that really made this story for me was the dialogue. It was so incredibly amusing, so natural and effortless.”

4 stars Jessewave — “…a nice and uplifting story, low on angst and pleasantly written”

My Fiction Nook —  “It’s a cute, quick read, uplifting and sweet, and totally worth checking out. ”

4 stars foxylutely blog — “A fabulous quick read that left me yearning for more from Ms Easton”

4 stars from Gaylisted — “It was beautifully written and thought out. The men were easy to understand. I fell in love with Joshua.”

Rainbow Book Reviews — “A gentle and lovely story that I can read again and again.”

5 stars from Blogger Girls — “I love that I can trust her to give me an amazingly sweet and happy ending no matter the length of her books. Even her smexy scenes are unique, and that’s saying something!”


“The Trouble With Tony”, contemporary novella

Eli’s Favorite 5 Scenes in Tony — guest blog on Kim Fielding’s blog

Har Dee Hot Har: Humor in Romance — guest blog on Charlie Cochet’s blog

5 stars Top 2 Bottom Reviews — “I read this in one sitting, and was totally entertained, from start to finish.”

5 stars The Romance Reviews — “I loved the sense of humor surrounding the interesting mystery, the steamy sex, and the likable characters.”

5 stars Jessewave — “I have never laughed so hard in my life and I find myself at a perfect loss as to how to explain with any sense of cohesion what made The Trouble With Tony by Eli Easton the most delightful romantic comedy to come along in a great while.”

5 stars Rainbow Reviews — “Oh Eli, how I absolutely loved this book. It was funny, sexy, sincere, heartfelt, loving, and yeah, did I say funny? Tony and Jack are excellent characters and I’m adding them to my list of favorites. ”

5 stars Kindle Romance Reviews — “This is the kind of story I love! It grabbed me from the beginning, and I didn’t put it down until I was done. I loved the sense of humor surrounding the interesting mystery, the steamy sex, and the likable characters.”

4.5 stars The Novel Approach — “The trouble with Tony is that it’ll leave you wanting more.”

4.5 stars from Pants Off Reviews — “All in all it was a great and entertaining story, with some pretty good lines and fabulous characters. I couldn’t put it down and was smiling a lot.”

4 stars from Hearts On Fire — “I have enjoyed both of the books that I have read by Eli Easton. Both made me laugh and left me feeling good.”

4 stars Live Your Life Buy the Book — “It is a light, fun romance that also includes some very steamy scenes involving an exam table (you will just have to read it to find out).”

4 stars mmgoodbookreviews — “This is a great novella that has some incredible sexual tension and a pretty good investigation.”

4 stars Head out of the Oven blog — “This book has all of the things I love in an MM light read: romance, sexy men, a little bit of erotica, some mystery, some machoness which can be unmanned by a simple and hilarious prostate exam that triggered me to laugh out loud.”

B+ Gaylist Book Reivews ––  “This story was fun, sweet, charming, funny, cute, romantic, silly, and kind of wonderful. I enjoyed it from beginning to end.”

The Blogger Girls review — “I loved it!”

4 stars Hearts on Fire review (Nancy) — “This story was warm, funny, entertaining, and made me feel all sunny inside. I will definitely be reading more by this author.”

4.25 stars Prism Book Alliance — “Eli Easton is a go to read for me when I need something light-hearted that doesn’t make me go into sugar shock.”

5 stars Paddylast Inc — “Here, Eli Easton has proven once again her ability to create loveable characters with a story that easily captivates its readers.”


“Superhero”, YA novella

Featured author interview and book giveaway on True Colorz!

“Superhero” — Author Interview on Hearts On Fire 

“Dreaming Big” — About writing “Superhero”, a guest post on Madison Parker’s blog

“Soft Pitch” — A ficlet for the Day of Silence starring Owen and Jordy from “Superhero”

The Inspiration for Superhero — guest blog on James Erich’s blog

5 star review for the audiobook version from openskyebookreviews.com — “I highly recommend this to any fan of the GFY/friends-to-lovers theme, don’t be dissuaded by the age, it’s just as hot as you’d want it to be!”

5 star review from Madison Parker:  “I loved every minute of this emotionally charged story. One of Harmony Ink’s best titles to date!”  

5 star review from Hearts On Fire.  “It’s such an interesting coming of age story and I highly recommend it.”

5 stars from The Novel Approach – “Superhero is the perfect summer coming-of-age read”

5 star review from Live Your Life By The Book — “This is a book that just pushed all the right buttons for me. I loved the writing style. It is filled with humor and real emotion.”

5 star review from Two Men Are Better Than One — “Such a beautiful coming of age story with a perfect blend of emotional and sexual awakening. Happy, sad, warm, funny, special…”

5 star review Top 2 Bottom Reviews — “The writing is fluent and evocative. I was swept away, unable to stop reading until I reached the end. Ms. Easton is an excellent writer.”

5 star review Mrs. Condit & Friends

4 hearts from mmgoodbookreviews —  “It’s sweet, pure, clean, funny, and very sensual. I highly recommended this to any true romance lover.”

Review on Insight Out! blog — “It’s light reading, not overwrought, and I think it would make a great all-age tale for anyone interested in youth M/M fiction.”

4 star Review on Gay List Book Reviews — “There will be laughter and tears as you read. When it’s done you will feel a sigh of satisfaction for that beautiful moment when you finish a good book.”

4 star review on Boys in our Books — “I was smitten and entertained and my heart felt warm fuzzies.”

4 stars Bachelor & Bombshell Reviews — “I know this might not be some people’s cup of tea because of the fact that it is a YA/NA (young adult/new adult) read, but that shouldn’t deter you from picking up this book and reading it right now.”

4 Stars Baba Booklikes —  “Extremely likable main characters, a good storyline and engaging writing that provided plenty of entertaining, thoughtful and witty dialogue made this an all-around winner.”

4.5 stars for the audiobook version from Prism Book Alliance –“While there are plenty of narrators I adore; many of them would not work for a first person YA title.  Tristan was perfect.  I will be listening to another title narrated by him in the near future.”

4.5 stars for the audiobook from The Novel Approach — “I’m giving the audio version a 4.5 Star rating and am highly recommending Superhero as a good listen. It’s the kind of story I wouldn’t mind letting any teenager I know listen to, or read, for that matter.”

4.5 stars Meli Mel’s Book Reviews — “This may have been a short book, but it was absolutely awesome. I connected to the characters very well. I loved the positive message in this book. I loved all of those heartwarming moments as well.”

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5 stars RJ Scott blog — “I don’t normally read historical books but I do read everything Eli writes and couldn’t resist downloading this. I read it in one sitting. Lovely… and a brilliant HEA.”


 “Caress” story in “Steamed Up” anthology

5+ stars from Top 2 Bottom Reviews — “Gosh, this was such a tearjerker, a perfectly beautiful love story, fragile and tender, a light of life in the midst of the darkness of war.”

4.5 stars from Live Your Life Buy The Book — “I enjoyed how the story developed between Tinker and the Captain and how Tinker tried to find some redemption in the beautiful creations he made and gave away. A beautiful bittersweet story with a happy ending.”

 4 stars from Smut Book Club for whole anthology — “All the stories are well written, sometimes fun, sometimes hot, sometimes heartbreaking, sometimes all three. ”

4.5 stars from Hearts On Fire — “Two men caught up and used for war. Tinker, the Brain and creator of exquisite and deadly objects. I like his Edward Scissorhands-esque beginning and his transformation even more.”

4.5 stars from Boy in our Books — “Really well done and very imaginative…. It was a great read.”

5 stars from mm good book reviews — “I loved this read, it was not only fascinating, it was moving and sweet, and brilliant and I simply adored it. ”


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4.5 stars On Top Down Under — “It is not a long-ebook at 8,000 words, but it’s heart is much bigger than the sum total of the word count.”

5 hearts The Kimichan Experience — “With only a few pages Eli Easton manages to make us fall in love with both these amazing characters and to have belief in the essential goodness that resides in humanity.”

5 stars Joyfully Jay — “Taken with the fairy tale theme in mind, this is one of the best short stories I have read, and like all fairy tales, you don’t have to guess how it ends.”


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