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“Unwrapping Hank” — my Christmas story for 2014

August 24

My 2014 Christmas story “Unwrapping Hank” is now in beta. It’s always a sense of relief to finish a story, especially one that’s important to you. “Blame it on the Mistletoe” did well last year, so I really wanted to do something good for Christmas this year.  The jury is out until it releases, but I hope you’ll like it! Love would be okay too.

What’s it about?

Like Mistletoe, “Unwrapping Hank” is set on a contemporary college campus, this time PSU–Pennsylvania State University.

Greg Sloane, aka “Sloane” is a freshman who has just rushed a frat, the Delts, lured by the super hip and laid back Micah Springfield, the frat’s president. The one guy in the frat who voted against Sloane’s membership was Hank, who turns out to be Micah’s younger brother, and also turns out to be a majorly muscled, tattoo’d, and butch guy who sparks Sloane like kindling the first time he lays eyes on him in the frat house kitchen.

Here’s my idea of Sloane (photo Googled off the web, I do not own):



Sloane is fairly sophisticated for PSU, having lived in major cities around the world with his two psychologist parents. He’s also something of a smart ass and he LOVES a good mystery. Sloane figures people out easily–until he meets HANK. Hank is a conundrum.  He’s looks like a bad ass but he has the softest eyes. He acts like he’s dumb but he’s majoring in philosophy. He appears to be straight as an arrow, but then why does Sloane feel chemistry whenever they’re in the same room?

Hank Springfield (stock image– imagine more beard and tatts)


Hank is a loner whose gruff exterior puts off a lot of people. He’s into body building and he’s into his studies. The one thing he is most DEFINITELY not into is Sloane, aka “Frenchie”, the stuck-up, sophisticated, gay guy absolutely no one else in the frat has a problem with. Hank doesn’t want anything to do with Sloane. So why does fate (and his interfering brother Micah) keep shoving them together?

First, he has to plan the frat’s Christmas party with Sloane, a partnership that will either tear the house down or produce the best party ever, and then Micah invites Sloane home with them for Christmas. What the fuck?

There are family wounds that have made Hank and Micah what they are. If Sloane can unwrap this mystery, maybe he can unwrap the man of his dreams too.

This is an Enemies-to-lovers story, sort of GFY and sort of not, with some humor and some hotness, particularly of a certain kind that readers have been asking me for. Done.

There may also be a quaint Pennsylvania Dutch country Christmas and a bulldog named Grinch. And pies. Lots of pies.

Oh, and thanks to Jamie Fessenden for coming up with the title for this story!

Length: 40K

Due out: Nov 14, 2014

Reese Dante is working on the cover now, and I’ll share it when I have it!


“The Mating of Michael” — interview & giveaway on Sinfully Sexy!

July 14

Check out a new feature about “The Mating of Michael” on Sinfully Sexy Book Reviews. It includes a review by Macky, an interview with me about the book, and a giveaway.  (And a cool new graphic, which I stole below)



Thank you for having me on the blog!


“The Mating of Michael” Blog Tour summary post

July 10


I was lucky enough to find some great sites to host me for the release of “The Mating of Michael”. Here’s a summary of those posts:

The Desktop for “The Mating of Michael” (my inspirational images posted on my site)

Help Me To Feel: Sex Surrogacy and “The Mating of Michael” (guest post on Boys In Our Books)

Clipped Wings: Writing a Romantic Hero with Polio (guest post on Joyfully Jay)

Interview with me about “The Mating of Michael” on Smoocher’s Voice

Eli’s Blog Post at RJ Scott’s site about writing m/m romance serials

Still to come: Interview by Macky at Sinfully Sexy on Jul 12!


Michael Blog Tour: Writing a Romantic Hero with Polio — on Joyfully Jay

July 7


Check out my guest post on Joyfully Jay about writing an MC with polio.


Thanks to Joyfully Jay for hosting me!


Book Rec: “Think of England” by KJ Charles

July 6


How do I love this book? Let me count the ways!

I’ve only read one KJ Charles before, A Charm of Magpies, which I really liked, but I didn’t feel compelled to read the rest in that series. Now that I’ve read Think of England, I am firmly a fan!

First, I’ve always loved m/f regency romances, but it’s hard to find a good m/m romance in set in anything but contemporary England for obvious reasons. This book handles that brilliantly. It is absolutely true to that era and uses the difficulties as part of the obstacles/plotline. The attitudes and lingo all felt very accurate. It still has that sort of ‘cozy’ Agatha Christie feel I love while also being a hot m/m romance. Bravo! That’s a tough nut to crack (no pun intended).

Second, I adored the characters. Daniel is gorgeous with his wicked cruel tongue and sharp wit. I loved how he got them out of a jam several times just using his brain (even against weapons). I loved the foppish air he affected or dropped just as easily. And his ‘Viking’, Archie, is as stolid and steady and English as they come. I loved the slight GFY twist to this and loved Archie’s bullheaded plodding forward regardless.

Third, the writing is just damn good. There’s not an excess of flowery meandering but every line is well-written. The dialogue especially was just awesome.

Fourth, I also liked the secondary characters, most specifically the two ladies who helped save the day. Nice to see non-fainting femmes.

Fifth, I’m not much of a fan of continuing series with established couples, but KJ did a brilliant job of giving me some hot scenes with Daniel and Archie while holding enough of their relationship back that I definitely want to read the next book.

If you haven’t tried KJ you definitely should. She’s one of the best m/m writers out there IMHO.

“Superhero” and “Heaven Can’t Wait” — June Prism Recommended Reads

July 5

Check out some great books on this “Recommended Reads” post for June from Prism Book Alliance:


There are a number of titles here I need to read, and I’m thrilled they have “Superhero” and “Heaven Can’t Wait” on the list. Thank you!


Guest Post & Giveaway — hosted by RJ Scott’s blog!

July 5

RJ Scott had me on her blog for a guest post about writing m/m romance series.  Comment on the post for a chance to win all THREE of my Sex in Seattle books.


Thanks, RJ, for hosting me!


Interview with Eli about “The Mating of Michael” on Smoocher’s Voice

July 2

TheMatingOfMike no watermark


Jodi at Smoocher’s Voice did a lovely interview with me about “The Mating of Michael”. Read it here!


Sex Surrogacy and “The Mating of Michael” (guest post at BIOB)

June 30

Thanks to Boys In Our Books for hosting my first blog tour stop for “The Mating of Michael’ and my guest post about sex surrogacy!  You can read it here:



Desktop: The Mating of Michael

June 30


“The Mating of Michael” launches today, Jun 30th, 2014!  That makes me exceedingly happy.  ”Michael” is the first full-length novel I’ve written in m/m romance (it has 73K words).  So if you’ve been looking for a ‘longer’ Eli Easton story, this is it.  It’s the 3rd in my “Sex in Seattle” series but features a brand new couple and can be read as a stand-alone.

Link to buy “The Mating of Michael” at the Dreamspinner site.

It’s my tradition to do a ‘desktop’ post showing images I used for info and inspiration while writing a book, so here are my images for “The Mating of Michael”.


Of course, first and foremost is Michael himself. He’s a gay sex surrogate who works with the Expanded Horizons sex clinic in Seattle.  Michael is fairly small and beautiful. He has a flirtatious nature and a gentle soul.  The inspiration for his ‘exterior shell’ came from Isaiah Garnica, an LA based model.  Here are a few of my favorite shots:

def05c49-6b02-4fd4-9781-7901eb942881_500 854570213_79e5967a46_o3439905690381274149


JAMES GALLWAY (aka J.C. Guise)

Michael’s love interest is a reclusive science fiction writer who is in a wheelchair thanks to a childhood bout of polio.  I describe him as having a large and rangy, almost ‘Lincoln-esque’ face and body. Below is a reference shot I liked, though my James’s legs are withered by the polio.

stock-photo-13301009-young-man-in-wheelchair face

EXPANDED HORIZONS SEX CLINIC (Where Michael works part-time)

It’s located on Capitol Hill in Seattle (my old stomping ground). It’s fictitious, but I picture the building like this:



ELLIOT BAY BOOK STORE (Capitol Hill, Seattle)

Michael meets James here when he’s doing a book signing


LEM (one of Michael’s patients)

Lem is a sweet man, an older accountant with terrible shyness issues.  Here’s my photo reference for Lem:

bald man


Marnie is a regular (non surrogacy) patient of Michael’s in his work for an in-home nursing company.  She’s a total hoot!  I searched for the most outrageous old lady shots I could find — imagine this times 10!




Michael decides to act as ‘muse’ to James, and he takes him to several beauty spots near Seattle.  They have a picnic here:




Two more places Michael takes James




James and Michael have their second meeting at this pool in Seattle, which has a lift for disabled swimmers

06medgareverspool PERMALIFT


That’s it for this story. I’m looking forward to seeing your reviews and comments on “The Mating of Michael”!


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